Coaches’ Profiles

  • Yang Bin (Part-Time)

    Coach Yang joined the Singapore Swimming Club in 2007 as Head Coach, and is currently coaching part-time at the Club.

    Education: He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Culture at the Beijing Institute.

    Experience: He has more than 30 years of coaching experience at the international, national and age group level to date and has groomed prominent swimmers such as Joseph Schooling, Teo Zhen Ren and Dylan Khoo. Due to his excellent performance, he was ever selected to be a coach in China’s provincial elite swimming team for 9 years.

  • Gui Yuan Yuan (Part-Time)

    Coach Gui joined the Singapore Swimming Club in 2017, and is currently coaching part-time at the Club.

    Education: He graduated from the Shanghai University of Sport.

    Experience: He has more than 30 years of coaching experience and has managed to obtain experience as a swimming coach in various swimming teams such as the Shanghai Swim Team and Pakistan National Swim Team. In Singapore, he has groomed national swimmers such as Peter Leong, Bryan Choo and Jonathan Chua, and is currently coaching part-time at Singapore Swimming Club.


  • Ronald Teo (Part-Time)

    Ronald, who is also our Director of Swim, Sports & Special Projects, has more than 20 years of coaching experience. He has coached swimming at various levels, from learn to swim levels to development and competitive programmes at several private pools and country clubs. He holds an array of certifications from respective coaching and teaching associations, such as Level 3 certification for the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), International Federation of Swimming Teachers’ Associations (IFSTA), and Singapore Swimming Teachers' Association (STA), and National Registry of Coaches (NROC). He is a qualified swimming tutor for the Australian Academy of Sport (AAS) for Level 1 and 2 swimming instructors and is also a qualified deep water workout instructor who holds an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

  • Roger (Part-Time)

    Education: CPA Australia (Member), Graduate Diploma in Finance (Leicester University), Diploma Certificate in Sports Science (Republic Polytechnic)

    Certification(s): AUSTSWIM (Teacher of Swimming), NROC (Swimming, Lifesaving), Instructor, Distinction award (Singapore Lifesaving Society)

    Experience: A swimming coach since 2016, Roger has made significant progress by becoming a lifesaving instructor in 2018, coaching for Swim Concierge at the OCBC Aquatic Centre (2016-2018), conducting SwimSafer and lifesaving lessons at Owen Swim School, offering lifesaving lessons at Wave Rider (2018-2020), and conducting private coaching lessons across Singapore.

  • Si Qi (Part-Time)

    It is my goal to instill in my students the value of respecting water through establishing a healthy relationship with it. In most cases, it takes some getting used to since it is a skill that must be honed and nurtured over time. As a swimming instructor, I find it rewarding when non-swimmers are inspired to reach higher because swimming and water safety skills provide avenues for survival and personal development. As a result, I strive to give them the confidence necessary to swim.

    Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Edith Cowan University), RISE Business and Data Analytics (Boston Consulting Group), Graduate Diploma & Graduate Certificate in Professional Counselling (Swinburne University of Technology), Diploma in Psychology (Oklahoma City University

  • Esther (Part-Time)

    As a coach, my main goal is to develop my swimmers' water confidence and survival skills to ensure their water safety in any water body. As an ex-competitive swimmer, I can understand the vast amount of effort it takes as a swimmer to be strong and fast and thus I have high expectations of my swimmers in their commitment and behaviour. Through my experiences, I hope to pass on my tips and tricks to help my swimmers improve. In my classes, I promote a positive environment where children can have fun and feel comfortable trying out different things, of course, all within limits. In addition, I draw on my experiences and knowledge gained through my Polytechnic journey in Early Childhood Development and Education to curate my teaching style.

  • Stephanie (Part-Time)

    I started swimming at the age of 4 and since then, swimming has become my favourite sport! I love creating and developing relationships with the people around me and I hope to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with the generations to come. My goal is to help my swimmers develop a love for swimming, just as my coaches did for me.

  • Jia Jun (Part-Time)

    In my role as a Learn-to-Swim coach, I teach students basic survival skills before introducing advanced strokes, so that they feel comfortable entering the water. Swimming safety is my number one priority, and I always ensure that my swimmers are learning in a safe and enjoyable environment. To better groom the next generation of swimmers in Singapore, I always believe in sharing all of my knowledge with my swimmers and colleagues.