Testimonial for Coach Crystal Wang

"I would like to extend my gratitude to the Club’s coaching team for their professionalism and dedicating in training their young students.

My daughter, who has gone through training at the Club since young is now a competent swimmer and my young son Evan is now starting out in the Learn-to-Swim training. I have observed Coach Yi Fan’s and Coach Wang’s teaching style and am very impressed with how they have such close rapport with the children despite their strict training regimen. Special mention goes to Coach Yi Fan, who commands discipline as well as respect from his charges. He also has a unique style of utilising water contact like splashing water on the student’s faces to instill confidence when in the water for the more inexperienced swimmers.

I’m glad the Club has employed such talented and driven individuals as swim coaches, and I wish the best for all of them."

- Adrian Yee and Bena Chan