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    100% Membership Checks

    1) To preserve the exclusivity of our membership and upkeep security to safeguard members’ interests, our security staff will be conducting 100% membership checks twice every month with immediate effect. We would like to remind members of Bye-Law 20 (a)–(d):

    (a) Membership cards shall be issued for the identification of members and should be carried on whilst on the Club premises and produced when requested by an authorised employee or official of the Club.

    (b) Periodic gate checks shall be carried out when determined by the General Manager and any member not in possession of his membership card shall notify the checking officials or employee of his name, his account number and the reason for not being able to produce it.

    (c) Any member who, on three occasions fail to produce his membership card shall be required to submit within 7 days, a written explanation satisfactory to the General Manager.

    (d) Membership cards are not transferable.

    2) We practice a zero-tolerance policy for trespassing:

    a) Any non-members, including terminated and suspended members who are not signed in as guests and unaccompanied by Club members, shall be considered trespassers.

    b) All trespassers will be declared persona non grata and repeat offenders will be handed over to the police.

    3) We seek your understanding and full cooperation.

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    Revised Bye-Law on D'Sports

    Please click here to view the latest revisions to the Club's Bye-Laws.

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    Revised Bye-Law on Tennis

    Please click here to view the latest revisions to the Club's Bye-laws.

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    Revised Bye-Law on Bowling & Cue Sports

    Please click here to view the latest revisions to the Club's Bye-Laws.

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    Management Committee 2018/2019

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    Cease of Operation of Jackpot Lift

    The lift serving only the Jackpot Room will cease its operation from 15 Jun 2018 (Fri) because of low usage.

    Allowing entry to Jackpot Room via its main entrance will improve the process of registration of entry and verification of members’ status of exclusion from jackpot machine rooms*.

    Members can take the lift at the Administration Building to the second floor to access the Jackpot Room.

    *In line with the new regulations set by the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPS), members entering Jackpot Room are required to register via signing-in at every single entry and signing-out whenever they exit the Room, and the Club is required to verify their status of exclusion every time they enter the rooms (including re-entry). The verification is conducted by staff at the registration counter at Jackpot Room’s main entrance. Those who are in the exclusion list will be denied entry.

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    Breakfast at The Palms

    Starting 23 May 2018 (Wed), The Palms will be open from 8am onwards and will be serving the Delicatessen’s breakfast menu until 10.45am.

    Members can choose to have breakfast inside The Palms to avoid the dust and noise from the ongoing construction works at the Competition Pool.

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    Further Update on Competition Pool

    1. Further to our Notice of 1 Mar 2018 (Thu), an open tender advertisement for the turnkey project to reconstruct the Competition Pool was placed in The Straits Times on 2 Mar 2018 (Fri). A total of 17 potential tenderers responded and were given a show-around of the Competition Pool on 7 Mar 2018 (Wed).

    2. The following took place after the show-around:
      5 Apr 2018 (Thu): First Tender Opening
      9 Apr 2018 (Mon): Tender Clarification Session, as three of the tenderers omitted some optional items and builder works
      13 Apr 2018 (Fri): Second Tender Opening
      16 Apr 2018 (Mon): Second Tender Clarification session for removal of builder works and to include additional items such as a movable bulkhead and starting blocks
      2 May 2018 (Wed): Third Tender Opening
      7 May 2018 (Mon): Tender Interview with shortlisted tenderers

    3. The Integrated Estate Services Sub-committee, Procurement Sub-committee, Swimming Sub-committee and Management Committee deliberated on the shortlisted tenders. It was decided that the contract be awarded to Innovez Engineering.

    4. The cost for the new pool is about $1.2 million. We will be utilising the approved CAPEX budget of $1.5 million under Structural Repair item 62, page 104 of the Annual Report 2016/2017. Please click here for the work schedule.

    5. The Competition Pool area will be cordoned off during the construction period. Members are advised to keep clear of the area for their safety.
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    Change in D’Galaxy’s Operating Hours

    With effect from 18 May 2018 (Fri), D’Galaxy’s operating hours will be as follows:

    • Monday to Thursday: 5pm - 12am

    • Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays: 3pm - 1am

    • Sunday & Public Holidays: 3pm - 12am