We take your fun seriously

  • Dancercise

    Get ready to sweat and groove with our exciting dancercise classes! Dancercise is the perfect fusion of dance and exercise that will have you moving and burning calories like never before.

  • Line Dance

    Our line dance class is suitable for all skill levels and provides a fun way to improve cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and socializing opportunities. Our instructor teaches a range of popular and contemporary line dances in a supportive environment. Join us today and enjoy the benefits of line dancing.

  • Online Coding Classes for Kids

    Strive is an online coding school where kids (ages 8-16, beginners, & experts) learn to code games & apps with highly qualified and passionate teachers.

  • Roots Abacus

    Are you looking for a fun and effective way to boost your child's math skills?

    Look no further. Enrolling your child in our Abacus class is a great investment in their future. Give your child the gift of improved math skills and a lifelong love of learning.

  • Sogetsu Ikebana Class

    Come learn about the materials, equipment, and techniques of the traditional Japanese art of floral arranging, and then make and take home your own arrangements at the end of the workshop.