Outdoor BBQ

Outdoor BBQ @ Cabana

Available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday  |  6pm - 9pm

2 King Prawns (100g-120g) $28

Salmon Fillet  $16.80

Lamb Rack $23

Beef Striploin $20

Cajun Chicken Chop $12.80

Pork Knuckle $22

Pork Rack $20

Pork Sausage $9.80

Veal Sausage $9.80

All of the above items will be accompanied with Jacket Potato, Garlic Bread, Corn & Garden Green Salad.
Condiments with Sour Cream, Bacon Bits, Green Chives, BBQ Sauce, Chilli, Tomato Sauce & Salad Dressing.